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the Beach House, Marine Drive, Hannafore, Looe, Cornwall.
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Standard Terms and Conditions.

Guest – The principal customer registered into a room and having responsibility for all other guests and visitors of a room throughout the period of the reservation.

Third Party – A reservation made by a third party on behalf of a guest.

Guest House – the Beach House.

1 Reservations.

1.1 Acceptance of a booking whether in writing or verbally, together with the provision of a deposit or credit card guarantee will create a legally binding contract between the Guest House and the person from who the booking has been accepted.

1.2 A cancellation fee is payable in the event of a non-arrival by the guest or cancellation of the reservation by the guest as outlined in clause 1.3 of this agreement.

1.3 Any deposit paid is non-refundable. Where less than 30 days notice of cancellation is given or the guest fails to arrive, the proprietor will take reasonable steps to re-let the accommodation, but if they are unable to re-let, the cancellation fee will be 100% of the total cost of the booking.

1.4 If the guest provides a credit/debit card details to the Guest House in order to guarantee a booking or in order to make a deposit then it is agreed between the parties that in the event of cancellation the Guest House may debit the credit/debit card with the full amount of the cancellation charge as set out in clause 1.3, less an allowance for any deposit or payment already made.

1.5 The Guest House reserves the right to cancel a booking forthwith without liability in the event of damage or destruction to the accommodation due to fire or other causes, any shortage of labour or food supplies, or any other causes beyond the control of the proprietor which prevent him/her from performing their obligations in connection with any reservation.

2 Payment.

2.1 Payment of the bill for accommodation, food and other services shall be made prior to departure.

2.2 We accept payment in cash and most major credit or debit cards.

We are unable to invoice companies or agencies for part, or all, of a guest's invoice unless an express instruction has been provided in advance and the company has a credit account set-up and authorised.

2.3 When making a reservation, the guest providing a credit/debit card guarantee also authorises the Gusts House to charge such card in the event that the guest fails or is unable to make full payment of their account prior to departure.

3 Occupancy of a room.

3.1 Occupancy shall be from & to the dates listed on your confirmation. Numbers of people occupying a room must not exceed the number stated on the original reservation or the maximum allowed in the room type specified. The latest time at which a guest may checkout on the day of departure is 10.00 am.

Check-in after 2 pm until 6 pm unless prior arrangement with proprietor.

4 Prices.

4.1 All prices for accommodation, food are stated in pounds sterling and include V.A.T. Price increases resulting from government regulations/legislation or local taxes/charges will be re-charged to the guest. Any discounted prices given at the time of booking will become void if the guest or third party alters the reservation in anyway, unless already agreed with the proprietor.

5 Meals.

Breakfast and other meals paid for in advance must be taken at the times stipulated. No refund or part refund can be given for breakfast or other meals not taken at the times stipulated.

6 Parking.

6.1 The Guest House has a number of parking spaces located at the rear of the property. Please note that guests use our parking spaces entirely at their own risk. The Guest House does not accept liability for damage howsoever caused to any customer's vehicles whilst parked on the property, nor do we accept liability in the case of theft. Guests should ensure that they observe normal security measures and carry adequate insurance for their vehicles at all times. It should be noted that we do not guarantee the availability of a parking space.. Guest's are asked to park prettily and consider others using the car park.

7 Pets.

7.1 Pets are not accepted or allowed in the Guest House.

8 Loss or damage to guest's property.

8.1 The proprietor does not accept responsibility for loss of or damage to any cash, jewellery or other articles of value unless they are deposited with the proprietor for safe keeping and a note of the deposit is handed to the guest by the recipient. The note of the deposit must be presented by the guest in the event of a claim.

8.2 The proprietor does not accept responsibility for the loss or damage to motor cars or other vehicles of any kind, or any property lost in them. Additionally, the proprietor does not accept responsibility for any infringement notice, parking fine or other charge made as a result of the guest parking in an area not permitted by local authorities or any other agency.

8.3 In the event of negligence on the part of the proprietor, which gives rise to loss or damage to the property belonging to a guest, the proprietor's limit of responsibility will be limited to £100.00 for any single article and subject to a total of £200.00 in the case of any one guest.

9 Loss or damage to the proprietor's property.

9.1 Guest's shall indemnify the proprietor for any loss or damage to the proprietor's property or the furnishings, contents and equipment caused by the wilful act or default of the guest or persons within their control.

9.2 The guest shall pay the proprietor on demand the amount required to make good or remedy the damage, or replace any missing items. For the sake of these terms and conditions, a guest smoking within a non-smoking room or area of these premises will constitute damage and the amount payable will be the additional cost of cleaning and/or the replacement of soft furnishings where these are considered unusable (minimum of £25.00)

9.3 If in the opinion of the proprietor the guest or anyone staying with the guest is not suitable to continue their occupation because of unreasonable behaviour, damage or nuisance to other parties, the proprietor is entitled to treat the contract as at an end and the guest may be asked to vacate their room. The guest will remain liable for the full cost of the booking and any costs from the clauses above, and no refund shall be due.

10 Complaints.

10.1 If the guest has a complaint concerning any aspect of the services provided by the proprietor then it is the duty of the guest to inform the proprietor immediately, or at the first available opportunity and in any event before termination of the stay. It is specifically agreed between the parties that failure by the guest to notify the proprietor of any complaint in accordance with the time scale set out will entitle the proprietor to refuse to entertain the complaint, irrespective of the merits of the complaint.

11 General points.

11.1 No cooking or other preparation of food should take place in a guest's bedroom.

11.1A Guests are not allowed to eat any 'take away' meals in the bedrooms.

11.2 The guest shall not arrange for the delivery of or deliver any goods or materials to the accommodation without prior arrangement with the proprietor.

11.3 The guest shall not store or place on the premises or on the perimeter any inflammable, combustible or objectionable substances or liquid.

Terms and Conditions